Synthetic malodour

A key variable in studies to assess the odour reducing products is the source of the odour itself.

Using real odour in tests limits the repeatability of a test design and can result in testing  conducted at different times giving non comparable results.

To counter the influence of such limitations, Sensenet can investigate the key chemical components associated with a range of typical malodours, with the aim to produce synthetic malodour mixtures that contain important constituents from a sensory preceptive for the odour question.

Although the simplified mixtures can never be fully representative of the complex mixture of odorants expected in the real odours, they do represent a mixture of major odours components for each odour type.

 As such testing with these mixtures allows to demonstrate a product performance in reducing the perception of key odorants form a variety of chemical groups.

Sensenet can therefore test product performance using sensory analysis, molecular assessment or a combination of the two!

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