Surgery Filters CASE STUDY

At Sensenet we have assessed the odour removal efficiency of laparoscopy filters using sensory test methods

The Challenge

  • Our client would like the odour removal efficiency of laparoscopy filters used in surgery
  • As the test during surgery is not possible, we had to figure out a way to simulate the fumes coming out of flesh heating


Our strategy

  • The test evaluated odour concentration (EN13725) and intensity (VDI 3882) assessments using a trained panel.
  • Samples were taken by frying beefs (cow meat), collecting the fumes, and passing them through the laparoscopy filter.


The following protocol was developed for the study:

  • To simulate the fumes generated that were the object of the analyses, a piece of beef was fried in a new aluminum frying pan, without non-stick and without seasoning, on a commercial stove. The fumes were collected by a vacuum sampling device that conducts the gases to a bag of nalophane, a material inert to the odor, inserted inside the device. From this simulated sampling, the raw sample, called the raw odor sample, was obtained.
  • To later generate the filtered sample, the filter was inserted into the inlet tubing of a new bag of nalophane. This new nalophane bag with filter was then connected to the pure sample bag for transfer and filtering of the initially collected sample, thus obtaining the filtered sample. All samples were developed in triplicate.
  • Odour concentration and Intensity assessments were then conducted in the raw sample and in the filtered sample to calculate the odour removal efficiency




The result of the concentration analyzes indicate a significant reduction in the odour concentration of the evaluated samples

In addition, the Intensity results indicate that the odor of raw samples had a significant drop after passing through the filter, also showing efficiency in reducing odor intensity.

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