Sensory analysis

Here is a brief description of the common tests that we perform.

We work with calibrated and trained panellists as well as naive consumers, to help you with the odors of your products. Each project is designed based on your objectives. Here are the most common tests with we can offer:

  • Shelf-life testing
  • Benchmark study
  • Efficacy testing (deodorants, incontinence products etc.)
  • Sourcing of malodour
    Always keep in mind that we can develop bespoke tests for your special need!

  • Discrimination testing is used to determine whether two samples (or more!) are different from each other, overall or for a specific attribute.

    Discrimination tests

    Hedonic tests

    This type of test allows to determine how pleasant is your product perceived. It also permits to see which product is preferred among products from the same family.

    Is this more complete way of testing your product, its specific attributes are identified and rated by trained and expert panellists, quantitatively and qualitatively.

    Descriptive tests

    Consumer Testing

    Testing your product with real consumers will help you see how it would perform in the market!

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