Sensenet Co-Creation Centre

The Sensenet Co-Creation Centre (CCC) offers big-league flavour & fragrance expertise and creative aroma innovation, independent from a proprietary catalogue in the aroma materials supply chain.

The Sensenet Co-Creation Centre (CCC) brings together an ecosystem of specialised perfumers and flavorists with facility located in Barcelona with a collection of aroma materials by distributors and manufacturers to create prototype products and reformulations of existing products. Product assessment is built into the CCC, with the world class molecular odour laboratory and trained panels for product benchmarking attached and integrated into the CCC.

Customer insights and panel sensory performance testing can be provided in different cultural settings and geographies, in North and South Europe, Brasil and India.


With this service, the Sensenet Co-Creation Centre puts the full range of services typically only offered exclusively to clients of the large Flavor&Fragrance houses within reach of the more creatively minded entrepreneurs and industrial clients who prefer not to be exclusively linked to the catalogue of a particular F&F company.



Charlotte Tournier

Product Testing Expert
Charlotte Tournier

Product Testing Expert

Charlotte is a Chemical Engineer with specialits expertise in both, Environmental Odour Management and Product and Material Testing.
She is Head of Sensenet France and the Product and Materiel Laboratory.
Charlotte has
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+33 6 15 91 27 58

Carmen Villatoro

Molecular Odour Evaluation Expert
Carmen Villatoro

Molecular Odour Evaluation Expert

Carmen is one of Sensenet key experts of our Center of Competence for Molecular Odour Evaluation in Barcelona.

During her PhD thesis Carmen was involved in studies concerning aromatic profiles, consumer acceptance, pesticide analysis and nutritional quality parameters in pome fruit
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+34 935 929 048

Who are the stakeholders of the Sensenet Co-Creation Centre in Barcelona, Spain?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop new products with optimum fragrance and flavour properties
  • Companies who aim  to optimise, innovate or reformulate their product line
  • Manufacturers or distributors of natural and synthesized flavour and fragrance products who want to showcase their products
  • Specialised independent flavorists and perfumers who want to develop prototypes in an environment with world class scientific support on odorant analytics, both analytical and by sensory panels
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