Our sensory teams can help you optimize your products, solve any odour, taste, appearance or texture issues, using robust science and standardized methodologies. Working with trained and naive assessors we deliver objective insight in the sensory experience associated with your product.

According to the standard EN13725, The odour threshold concentration, is the concentration where an odour can be detected with a probability of 50%.

The odour concentration of an odour sample can be characterised by the number
of dilutions of the odorous gas sample required to reach the odour detection threshold. It provides the most common measure to quantify the magnitude of stimulus by a sample.

This is the more complete way to describe the perception of your product, its specific attributes are identified and rated by trained and expert panellists, quantitatively and qualitatively.

The main parameters studied by Sensenet are odour intensity according to VDI 3882 and odour description according to an internal protocol.

Discrimination testing is used to determine whether two samples (or more!) are different from each other, overall or for a specific attribute.

This type of test allows to determine how pleasant is your product perceived. It also permits to see which product is preferred among products from the same family.

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