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Insights into GC-Sniffing analysis, Case studies, and applications.
The smell perceived in a product is the result of the combination of different individual odors in a specific proportion.

We use state-of-the-art analytical methods, combined with trained human assessors to determine the molecular origin of odors and which are the relevant volatile compounds.

Understanding the chemical origin of the characteristic odor of a product or material is key to improving it sensory.

  • Host: Carmen Villatoro, PhD
  • Duration: 25 min
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Odour Threshold Value calculation in odorants
Odour Activity Value (OAV) is often used to know the ‘weight’ of perception of an odorant . This is calculated from the abundance of that odorant molecule divided by the odour detection threshold, or Odour Threshold Value (OTV).

The odour detection threshold is understood to be the lowest concentration of a certain odor compound that is perceivable by the human sense of smell.In practical terms this is a very variable value, because human olfactive sensitivity varies over a wide range. This uncertainty has been removed by making OTV’s traceable to an agreed reference stimulus, in the EN13725:2003 European olfactometry standard.

  • Host: Carmen Villatoro, PhD
  • Duration: 13 min
Available Sessions:

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