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8 November 2022

Find out more abouth the in-vitro and in-vivo testing solutions for validating the effectiveness of deodorant and antiperspirant products.

9 November 2022

 The identification of odour root cause is thus key to materials (non woven, super absorbent polymer, adhesives…) and finished products manufacturers.

New malodour reduction technologies are integrated to such products and industrial need to support odour claims through robust efficacy data generation.

10 November 2022

This webinar gives an overview of on the main methods of identification of relevant odours in polymer and coatings samples using the GC-sniffing technique.

15 November 2022

This webinar gives an overview of major food taints analysis approaches as well as concrete case studies to illustrate Sensenet’s knowhow on topics related to packaging industry.

24 November 2022

An overview on how molecular analyses provide useful information to determine the presence of off-notes/off-flavour from the food industry. To identify the key odorants of the product. To optimise the affective value of the product. Find out how to reduce cost of products without loss of sensory quality and also how to determine the odour fingerprints in products.

23 November 2022

We offer a range of sensory and analysis tools to assists manufacturers, designers and marketing teams of consumer and trade goods to improve the sensory experience all along their product development chain.

22 November 2022

There are different possibilities to measure the performance of a cosmetic product: sensory or analytical odour measurement techniques and also combinations thereof.

8 September 2022

 We use state-of-the-art analytical methods, combined with trained human assessors to determine the molecular origin of odours and which are the relevant volatile compounds. Understanding the chemical origin of the characteristic odour of a product or material is key to improving it sensory.

20 Nov 2021

There are many different recycling technologies, and a lot of plastic waste end in a landfill due to the presence of some substances in their composition.

These substances generate negative effects in the final product´s fisico-chemical properties and odour problems. Those problems leave this material out of some markets.

Discover how SENSENET & FYCH expertise can help you find a solution for this.

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