Join our webinar replay of Odour Tech Days 2023, at a convenient time and discover the technologies and procedures behind the science of odour testing, practical case studies and projects from a wide area of product manufacturing presented by Sensenet experts and our partners.

The sense of smell is the sense we use the most, even without always being fully aware of it. If it reigns supreme in the art of perfumery, it also plays an essential role in other fields such as hygiene and cosmetics, packaging, food or in the medical field.

Fragrance products or odour control products must meet the diverse expectations of consumers, expectations that are dependent on the culture and evolution of society, which is increasingly looking for products that are virtuous, that bring well-being and pleasure to the senses, while being effective and efficient.

  • What tools should be used to assess olfactory quality or performance? 
  • How to justify an odour claim? 
    These are examples of questions we will answer during our webinar through different themes.

Price and Registration​

  • Session 1 (1h:15min): 39 €
  • Session 2 (1h:35min): 39 €
  • Session 3 (2h:5min): 39 €
  • All Sessions(1-2-3): 100 
You will receive the access email in the next 24h after registration
  • The access is on demand and is valid for 7 Days
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us by e-mail
    or by phone : +33 (0) 299 50 17 95

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