Sensenet in Indiia has the first-of-its-kind specialized odour laboratory in India, offering a robust and standardized odour measurement approach, is mainly dedicated to odour sensory analysis and in-vivo testing.

The India laboratory works in close collaboration with the molecular odour evaluation (MOE) laboratory located at Odournet Spain, for all projects requiring GC-MS or GC-Sniffing analyses.

We have experience of odour testing in the sectors of personal care, home care and hygiene, pharma, textiles, polymers, automotive, paint, etc.


  • Standardized odour measurement approach
  • In-vivo laboratory equipped with wash cabins, for deodorant efficacy testing
  • An olfactometric laboratory
  • A sensory laboratory
  • Testing chambers
  • VOC sampling
  • 18 panellists, screened and certified according to EN 13725 standard and trained for assessment of odour parameters
  • A pool of 200+ volunteers (male and female) who are available to offer their underarms as test fields or to wear garments for in-use tests.

Contact Sensenet India

Address: F-1, Navelcar Trade Centre, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Panaji 403001, Goa, India

Phone: +91 832 2232817


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