• REPORT NUMBER: N° : UK38912465


Product description : Biocide containing hydrogen peroxide, for manual spray application to sanitary and kitchen surfaces.

Composition : 7,0% H2O2*

Method of application : Spraying covering the entire surface of the support, as indicated by the supplier*.

*Technical data sheet attached

Test conditions:

Objective : Demonstrate the efficiency of the product to reduce “Moldy” odours

  • The support used was a glass plate with a surface area of 50 X 50 cm. 3 ml of the “Moldy” synthetic malodour (made by Sensenet) was applied using a pasteur pipette directly on the support, in liquid form. The bracket was introduced into a 1 m3 Nalophane™ test chamber with a slight air change (90L/h), to get closer to the real ventilation conditions of a room.
  • The hydrogen peroxide solution 7,0% solution in a sprayer, was applied in a way that covered the entire surface of the glass surface.
  • A sample at T=0 min after application of the malodour and then two samples at T=30 min and T=2H after application of the spray were taken according to the lung chamber principle and recovered in a 40L Nalophan™ bag for olfactometric analyses.

The analyses were carried out according to EN13725 : “Air quality – Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry”, according to a panel of 6 people previously selected.



The prototype SW allows, in the conditions test, a reduction of the “Moldy” odour:

  • of 63% after 30 minutes of contact time,
  • of 77% after 2 hours of contact time.
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