Our paint odour testing is thorough and comprehensive. We can evaluate the odour intensity of different types and help you reduce the impact.

The challenge

  • Sensenet was commissioned to determine whether a new formula of a coatings product could be considered ‘low odour’ in comparison to traditional formulations.
  • The study required Sensenet to produce scientific evidence to support a marketing claim of low odour.

Analysis by dynamic olfactometry allowed a comparable, repeatable assessment methodology that follows European and national standards, BS EN 13725:2003[1]. The analysis results were compared using 95% confidence intervals to demonstrate differences in odour levels between products. Samples were taken over curing cycle deemed to be representative after 10 mins and 60 mins.

[1] BS EN 13725:2003 – Air quality. Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry.

Our strategy

  • Odour concentration measurements were selected as an objective tool to assess odour strength of the new product vs. a traditional formulation.
  • Samples preparation was undertaking in controlled, standardised conditions. Ventilated test chambers based on the requirements of ISO 16000-28 were used to prepare odour samples for analysis. The test environment can be controlled for ventilation rate, temperature and humidity.

Figure 1: Standardised ventilated testing chambers.


The data found in Figure 2 show that during comparison to previous formula, the new product exhibits as a low odour emitting product with both instances of sampling falling outside and below 95% confidence limits of results asscoiated with traditional formulations.

It can, therefore, be demonstrated that the new formulation is lower in odour than traditional formula to 95% confidence intervals, supporting the use of a ‘low odour’ claim.

Figure 2: Geomean odour concentration for client products with 95% confidence interval at T=10min and T=60min

Subsequently, a licencing arrangement was agreed between Sensenet and our client for the use of a Sensenet ‘low odour’ seal of approval for use in marketing material.

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