Danyel Gafsou

WHAT I DO: I lead new products and services development in the fascinating world of scents, leveraging the hidden power of our sense of smell, leading companies to growth and innovation.

I’m an enthusiastic scent scientist, project leader, perfumer and evaluator, part of innovation teams. I Lead product development for customized scent initiatives.

HOW I DO IT: I bring my creativity, scientific approach and practical experience in the fascinating world of scents.

I refer scents as a language, a way of communication, delivering information about our surrounding, our health condition and influence our decision making and how we perceive different people and products.

As such, before starting a project I investigate customer’s needs and project’s goal, “translating” the concept brief into a language of scents.

■ Influencing decision making and mood on the sub-conscious level
■ INNOVATION IN BUSINESS – empowering life’s experiences by using scents in different aspects of our everyday life, bringing innovation to the traditional fragrance industry
■ Creating for your customer a totally different experience

Case studies:

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