Product Odour Testing Workshop

The human sense of smell has been underestimated for a long time. However, today more and more companies are aware that the smell of a product can have a significant impact on consumer’s product experience.

Demonstrating a product’s ability to influence the way in which we perceive odours in our everyday lives can also be key in marketing a product’s performance.

Sensenet offer a range of sensory and molecular analysis tolls to assists manufacturers, designers and marketing teams of consumer and trade goods to improve the sensory experience associated with their product, using scientific and reproducible methodologies to measure odours.


To share its experience, Sensenet is very pleased to invite you to Bristol (UK) to participate in a Product Odour Testing workshop, taking place, on April 9th, 2019.

This workshop is open to participants from all industries and will provide information on odour evaluation of products and materials through presentations, case studies and lab demonstrations.

Limited time for ONLY 85,00£ (Exc. VAT)

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Sensenet Product Odour Testing workshop 2018, Rennes France


In 2018, our annual Product Odour Testing workshop took place in France. About 40 participants followed the day’s programme in person or from their computer thanks to our online session broadcasted all over the world.

  • The morning was punctuated by presentations on sensory analysis, molecular analysis, case studies and presentations from our partners (Eyequestion, Poietis, CSTB).
  • In the afternoon, we had the pleasure of welcoming Melina Napolitano from Smell Me who offered the participants an introductory workshop on olfactory creation.
  • The day ended with a visit to our laboratories and a demonstration of our tools.
  • This visit was particularly appreciated by attendees :
    “ My favorite parts were the lab sessions (sampling methodologies, olfactometric lab / direct evaluation PureSniff.”
    “Thank you for the invitation to this workshop. It was very interesting; the presentations were great and the animation was also great.”
    “I found the workshop very interesting and I was delighted to see Sensenet premises.”

We really thank all participants and we now look forward to meeting you again at our next meeting which will take place in Bristol (UK) on April 9, 2019.

2018 Workshop Overview:


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