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We’re always looking for opportunities to share knowledge and work in partnership.
We’re proud of our strong ties with partners from academia and both private and public sectors.

Interested in becoming an Sensenet partner?
We are always keen to welcome new Sensenet partners with whom we can develop strong, mutually beneficial business relationships. To talk to us about a potential partnership, please send get in touch with us.

We are very interested to work with you:

  • If you are a perfumer or a flavourist interested in using molecular and sensory odour evaluation in the creative process
  • If you are a consumer testing specialist interested in offering additional scientific odour valuation services

AITEX for testing textiles

Working together, Sensenet and AITEX offer sensory and molecular odour assessment services to clients in the textile sectors, including those in clothing, automotives, hygiene and cosmetics, aeronautics, and many more. Our partner Aitex provides a wide range of product attribute tests relevant for the sector.

AITEX – is a leading centre for research, innovation and advanced technical services available to the textile, manufacturing and technical textile sectors worldwide.

AITEX is a member of the Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology Centres (FEDIT), the Region of Valencia’s Network of Technology Institutes (REDIT), and a number of other national and international organisations.

Looking for support with textile testing?

Contact us today to find out how we can support your textile testing and to enhance your product development or to provide odour reduction claim substantiation, using studies that are specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Odournet for environmental odours

The production of materials involving flavors & fragrances can cause unwanted exposure to environmental odours around production facilities. Odournet, the parent company of Sensenet, has a long history and a leading position in providing expertise to industries aiming to reduce odour impacts and the associated nuisance and complaints.

Axioma for acoustics and vibrations

Axioma is Sensenet’s partner when expertise and measurement of acoustics or vibrations are required. Located in Barcelona Axioma can support your requirements in this field with leading edge expertise.

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