A recent article in the NY Times tells the story of why fragrance is so important in laundry detergents. 
Clothing is only clean when it smells clean. After rinsing, centrifuging, even tumble drying with hot air, the detergent fragrance has to convey the message: This Is Really Clean!
This story in the NY Times tells it all, based on some GCMS testing by Proctor & Gamble R&D. At Sensenent we unravel smells in the same way, but also select which are odour relevant, using human trained panel members as a GC detector, to select the few dozens of odourous compounds from the hundreds of non-odourous ones.  
To get rid of that retro thrift smell, it’s all about either masking or oxidation. Odorants are hidden or rendered odourless that way. So hanging that thrift shop retro find out in the sun for a couple of days also works fine!
Interested in testing the odour properties of your product? Get in touch with one of our experts today!
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