Why fragrance is so important in laundry detergents.

A recent article in the NY Times tells the story of why fragrance is so important in laundry detergents.    Clothing is only clean when it smells clean. After rinsing, centrifuging, even tumble drying with hot air, the detergent fragrance has to convey the message: This Is Really Clean!   This story in the NY […]

Sensenet by Odournet starts website for high-quality Odour Threshold values

Have you ever looked for an odour threshold value (OTV) and found values all over the place? Or no value at all? Many fragrance and flavour professionals will recognise the frustration. How can you make sense of sensory without reliable OTV’s? Sensenet by Odournet created the Amazon of Smell, providing an easy online solution, the […]

Edana International Nonwoven Symposium 2018

Our sensory consultant, Maïlys Fredericq, was invited at the Edana International Nonwoven Symposium in Rome on May 23rd to meet with nonwoven specialists from around the globe. She presented to them how molecular and sensory analysis can help R&D decision making in formulating products with reduced odours. It was a great opportunity to learn about […]

Innovation workshop promoted by Colquimica Adhesives in partnership with Sensenet

Colquimica Adhesives, one of the top four leading hot-melt producer for the hygiene industry and Sensenet, part of Odournet´s group, the largest specialist on odour management and assessment have been stimulating several Innovation workshops for key customers of the hygiene industry. Maïlys Fredericq and Ton van Harreveld were the invited speakers and presented methodology, procedures […]

Sensenet at the European Adhesives & Sealants Summit, May 24th, Warsaw

Maïlys Fredericq, our product testing expert will represent Sensenet and Odourent at the European Adhesives & Sealants Summit on May 24th in Warsaw, presenting “Comparison study of three types of hot melt adhesives : Volatiles Organic Compounds (VOCs) analysis by gas chromatography combined with a sniffing port (GC-Sniffing) and sensory analysis” Learn how Sensenet can […]

SENSENET present at International Nonwovens Symposium 2018 in Rome

On May 23 2018, SENSENET Product Testing Expert Maïlys Fredericq will be present at the 2018 International Nonwovens Symposium in Rome, with a talk about: “Analysis of odour absorption capacity of various nonwoven urine absorption products”.   Benchmark study: sensory analysis of urine odour released by different nonwoven types of baby diapers Evaluation by 12 […]

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