Webinar on “Insights into GC-Sniffing analysis, Case studies and applications”

Sensenet FREE Webinar on “Insights into GC-Sniffing analysis, Case studies and applications” We use state-of-the-art analytical methods, combined with trained human assessors to determine the molecular origin of odors and which are the relevant volatile compounds. Understanding the chemical origin of the characteristic odor of a product or material is key to improving it sensory. […]

Sensenet France attended the 7th meeting of the Cosmed Western Cosmetopole

Sensenet France attended the 7th meeting of the Cosmed Western Cosmetopole, with the visit of the Codif Technologie Naturelle plant and conferences around Sustainable Cosmetics and Innovation. #Cosmetopole #Innovation #Bretagne #Cosmed #Cosmetics

Sensory and Molecular Methods to Measure Odours in Personal Care Products

Study by: C. Tournier, C. Villatoro, A. Meacham, M. Fredericq ABSTRACT: The monitoring of odours released from cosmetic products is a complex task. This paper gives an overview of state of the art sensory and analytical approaches. The human sense of smell has been underestimated for a long time. However, recent research shows that it […]

SENSENET Present at COMET (Cosmetics Measurement & Testing) Congress 2019

Sensenet product testing Expert, Charlotte Tournier will be taking part in the COMET (Cosmetics Measurement & Testing) Congress, held February 6-7 2019 at Cergy, FRANCE, with an oral presentation titled: “Scent-signatures and how to measure their performance”.   This symposium is dedicated to latest scientific results, methodological and technological advancements, and applications of  tests for effectiveness and safety cosmetic products monitoring.  

Odournet & Sensenet on FRANCE 3 BRETAGNE TV, discover how we analyse odours.

Maybe you never knew that smells can be analysed, discovered and improved. Sensenet team of odour experts is doing this for over 35 years, helping industries and product developer discover, manage and improve their odour emissions or product sensory. From big industrial polluters to well-known brands that need product odour improvement, our global team of odour […]

Sensenet by Odournet at Barcelona OLFACTION CONGRESS

Sensenet Molecular Odour Expert, Carmen  Villatoro will be taking part in the Barcelona Olfaction Congress 2018, with a case study poster titled: “Instrumental and sensory characterization of an odour in a complete and unequivocal way by means of GC-Olfactometry (GC-O). A case study in fragrances” #odour #fragrance #sensenet #odournet #productimprovement #sensory

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