SENSENET team is proud to have contributed to this new publication addressed to the textile industry.

A book with a broad audience, including industry professionals in the #textilesindustry, #hygiene and #healthcare, the chemical and finishing industry, and odour measurement and testing. It will also interest advanced students and research scholars studying #textileengineering, #clothingscience, and #fashion design.

Sensenet Expertise on Chapter 12: Odour Testing Methods and Regulatory Norms
By Ton Van Harreveld, Carmen Villatoro, Charlotte Tournier, Rajal Shinkre, Saisha Naik

Odour in Textiles: Generation and Control presents the essential science and mechanisms behind the formation of odours in textiles. It discusses consumer perception of odour in clothing, the mechanism of odour formation in the skin, and the role of textile fibres and structures in odour formation. It also discusses odour controls and testing methods available for measurement of odours in textiles.

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