Odour related claims on products

More and more industrials are using odour related claims on their products. Those claims can be used to highlight : 1) The reduction or masking efficacy of the product towards malodours (ex.: air-fresheners, deodorants, …). 2) The low odour emissions of the product (ex.: building materials, paints). 3) The persistence of product’s fragrance over time […]


Cosmetic 360

Our Product Testing experts Charlotte Tournier and Marine Douguet are pleased to participate in the virtual edition of Cosmetic 360. Do not hesitate to visit the show platform to e-meet them and discover Sensenet sensory and molecular services for the development of cosmetic and perfumed products! Sensenet will also take part in the open-innovations by […]

Sensenet present at Grolsch Beer Brewery in Enschede

Learning how products are made is always important for SENSENET experts in order to offer a better service to our clients, our business developer Mark van Lieshout has paid a visit to the Grolsch Beer Brewery in Enschede as part of MOA (Center voor Marketing-insights, research and analytics) sensory expertise group. We were glad to […]

Sensenet carries out antiperspirant and deodorant efficacy studies

This month, our French team has been busy with a project to evaluate the antiperspirant (according to FDA guidelines 21 CFR 350.60) and deodorant (according to ASTM 1207-14) efficacy of deodorant products developed according to different galenics.    We have used a panel of more than 120 volunteers that came daily to our lab, equipped with […]

Webinar on “Insights into GC-Sniffing analysis, Case studies and applications”

Sensenet FREE Webinar on “Insights into GC-Sniffing analysis, Case studies and applications” We use state-of-the-art analytical methods, combined with trained human assessors to determine the molecular origin of odors and which are the relevant volatile compounds. Understanding the chemical origin of the characteristic odor of a product or material is key to improving it sensory. […]

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