To answer the question "Which volatile organic compounds are present in this odorous gas and what is their abundance in the aroma mixture?" we offer GC-ToFMS. Our lab can detect and identify compounds at very low concentrations (ppt levels), just like the human nose. We can detect odorants at these low levels of concentration where they become odour relevant as olfactive stimulus. One aroma analysis typically yields hundreds of indentified compounds.



GCMS analysis tells us all the compounds in the mixture. But the majority are not odour relevant. To answer the question Which compounds in the mixture are relevant for the percieved aroma? we use GC-sniffing, where trained human noses determine which of the peaks in the chromatogram are odour relevant and belong on the olfactogram. GC-Sniffing combines human and chemical detection system in a single analysis. Each identified odorant is assigned a CAS number, a concentration, a percieved intensity and a descriptor of the smell.

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