What we can do is identify all the relevant odourants (molecules) and their CAS numbers in a fragrance. We can also give an indication of their relative contribution to the fragrance, as odour activity value. To calculate odour activity for each odourant in the fragrance, the odour threshold value needs to be available on www.odourthreshold.com. Using GCMS/TOF and GC sniffing we can identify the majority of relevant odouronts, although about one third of odourants remains undetectable analytically at the odour threshold concentration.

We do not reconstitute a fragrance as a standard service. We are also weary of possible trade mark infringement that may be involved in reconstituting the actual fragrance.

We are very happy to analyse and provide the information on the molecular composition of any scent or fragrance. We are also interested in recreating malodours or heritage scents.


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