"How to optimize the fragrance of my product?"

“How to cover the malodour of an ingredient of my formula?”

“How to evaluate fragrance and/or technology performance?”

Thanks to its expertise in olfactory analysis and its partner Scents Design, Sensenet helps you to answer these questions.

Sensenet offers turnkey projects ranging from fragrance design to fragrance performance evaluation or technologies in the masking and neutralization of unpleasant odours.

  • Fragrance creation (from scratch or a reference sample)
  • Fragrance optimization (performance, hedonic)
  • Solutions to cover malodour into products
  • Fragrance technologies to mask or neutralize bad odours
  • Odour profiling using multiple evaluation protocols
  • Blooming effect and long-lasting quantification
  • Fragrance release dynamic monitoring
  • Molecular identification of key odourous compounds
  • Malodour synthetic recipes
  • Masking or neutralization efficacy testing
  • Odour reduction claims
  • Olfactory quality control
  • Molecular profiling of emissive products
  • Odour Threshold determination


Sensenet toolbox offers a wide range of capabilities and techniques suitable for setting up and studying your beauty care products. Find the contents of the Sensenet toolbox by clicking here.

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