«Sensenet was a great asset in our search to prevent malodour in our plastic products.

Not only with their sensory analysis, but especially with the thoroughly support and patience to make sure all data was intelligible.

Additionally we decided to follow a training to obtain and train an in house sniffing team. Due to the COVID-situation the training was given online, but it was not noticeable, as the training was very well prepared.

Different samples of standards incl special fragrances of plastic, were shipped before, to be able to sniff and experience. Even after 2 days, we clearly progressed in recognizing odours and scaling the intensity.»

Private, from a reputed household products company, based in Belgium.

«We wanted to understand, in a scientific way, the effect of steam on fabrics impregnated with unpleasant odours. Sensenet results provided a precise answer to the consumer regarding the usefulness of SteamOne steamer for removing bad smell on clothes.»


Olivier GABISON, SteamOne CEO Co-founder

Excellent work, Sensenet’s service is by far superior to that of other laboratories in the same field. It has been a great decision to get involved in our projects since their analysis with concrete and very clear.

Very recommendable!

Constanza Ochoa, Technical product manager assistant. Essity

«Sensenet by Odournet is a nearby company that allows us to perform odour tests complementary to our air quality test that we perform on our printers and materials.
Communication with Sensenet people has always been good and fast. «We liked the results obtained, a good summary of the tests and various formats that suit our needs.»

Lucia Vicente HERNÁNDEZ , HP Printing and Computing Solutions

«We were looking for a lab in India that can validate anti-odour claims on textiles, that´s when we landed up with SENSENET INDIA (Odournet Holding India Pvt Ltd). They helped us in developing proof of concepts and validate our claims. Their level of technical expertise, quality and customer service is at the highest level. We look forward to working with them in the future!»


M Vijay Senthil Kumar, Research Scientist. RESIL CHEMICALS PVT LTD. INDIA

«We needed help developing an anti-odour ingredient for deodorants. We chose Odournet because of its extensive experience in olfactometry. We found Odournet experts motivated, attentive to our expectations and very flexible. We look forward to working with them again in the future!»

Laure Pagis, Technical Market Manager, Imerys

The training on odour assessment methods has provided us with many useful insights on sensory analysis, principles of olfactometry and automotive standards for interior air quality. The practical trials and use of case studies by the faculty was very effective in understanding the sources and impact of VoC’s.”

Client from reputed Automotive company, based in India

“3 day training program delivered by sensory expert from SENSENET have delighted us with deep dive sessions on assessment of odour character, its intensity and hedonic tone. The approach followed was mix of practical and interactive sessions supported with different standards, which have enriched the know how about odours particularly in automotive domain.”

Client from reputed Automotive company, based in India

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