The most exciting service I think should be validated is leveraging the hidden power of  our sense of smell to bring brands growth and innovation.

Here is a case study I can share:


Problem: How to transform our plastic waste into consumable product using a scent.

A plastic manufacturer buries plastics waste in the ground. Besides affecting the environment it’s costly. They were looking for an ideas to transform the plastic waste (granules) into a consumable product.

Solution: Developing a natural fragrance to be used as snakes repellent to coat the plastic granules.  

During brainstorming sessions we came up with the idea to deter snakes by absorbing the active ingredients into the plastic granules or by coating them.

My main role was to review literature and identify the active molecules in different essential oils in order to formulate a product which is odourless to humans but active on snakes. In order to create a new patentable formulation / process or a technology together with the plastic chemists and protect their IP,  I also conducted patent search and review relevant patents to define the exact inventive step before patent application.


After formulation I have designed the efficacy test experiment together with a snake behavior expert who should be analyzing the change in the snake’s behavior using a video camera.

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