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Sensenet in France is mainly dedicated to sensory analysis and in-vivo testing. The French lab works in close collaboration with the molecular lab in Spain for all project requiring GC-MS or GC-Sniffing analyses.


  • In-vivo lab equiped with deo cabins, washing machines and dryers
  • An olfactometric lab
  • A sensory lab
  • Testing rooms
  • A panel of more 15 expert panellists trained for intensity and odour description

Contact Sensenet France

Address: 3 allée de Bray, 35510 CESSON SEVIGNE, France

Phone:+33 2 99 50 17 95



Odournet France – Sensenet is accreditated by the French accredidation body COFRAC according to the ISO 17025 and for olfactometric analyses according to the european standard EN 13725 (*Accreditation N°1-1964, Scope available on

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